Quotation1 Some people call me Waterhead, I'm a master of Chinese yoyos, I'm a critically acclaimed lobster chef, I adore muhammara, and if this whole game show business doesn't work out I'll go on to be a cheese farmer. Quotation2
Maxie in It's Nonsense! Every Word!





Maxie is currently not in a relationship, but has crushed on many a manster during her time at Monster High. Unfortunately for her, though, the only time said feelings have been (knowingly) felt for her was being Hesper McFadden's crush of the week. Needless to say, the feeling was not mutual.






Maxie has a bit of a grudge against Draculaura. It's entirely petty, and mostly due to her own bad luck in relationships, but she isn't letting go of it any time soon.



  • Maxie's last name might not make sense anymore, thanks to the reboot, but Jazz isn't about to change it. Some people just have weird last names, I guess.
  • Considering her age, Maxie's more skilled with technology than one might expect. But even if she's quite a bit more than competent, it doesn't stop her from using social media like she's someone's grandmother.