Quotation1 Some people call me Waterhead, I'm a master of Chinese yoyos, I'm a critically acclaimed lobster chef, I adore muhammara, and if this whole game show business doesn't work out I'll go on to be a cheese farmer. Quotation2
Maxie in It's Nonscence! Every Word!





Maxie currently isn't in a relationship. She and Heath used to be in a relationship, but that ended when he met Draculaura. She also had a crush on Valentine when he came to Monster High, but that didn't last very long. Some other guy is sure to come and go next year. She has also been Hesper's crush of the week.


Maxie is related to the Vondergeists, but her only parent that is known is Maximilian.




Maxie and Draculaura don't get along together well.


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