Masked Lantern's Light
Season 1, Episode TV
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, TV Episode: It's close to the final week of school for the Ghoulfriends and a mysterious monster begans capturing students.


Frankie and Draculaura are in Study Howl when Clawdeen comes up to them looking sad. Draculaura asks whats wrong and she responds saying that Nicolai and Clawd left to go back to MU. Draculaura says she's sad too but in a couple of months they'll be on their way there themselves. This cheers Clawdeen up but makes Frankie sad. Clawdeen asks her whats wrong. Frankie says that she's been thinking of not going to Monster University. This leaves the girls shocked and asking why. Frankie says Holt didn't get in and that she feels college isn't the right fit for her. Draculaura asks what is the right fit for her. Frankie says she'd like to tour the world and then explore more options. Clawdeen sasy if that's what she wants then she should go for it. This cheers Frankie up and the school bell rings.

Nefera is talking to Axel about the prom. She denies that anything happened other then two chaperones sharing a dance at a High School prom. Axel says that it was a date and they weren't even asked to be chaperones. He says to look him in the eye and tell him their date didn't mean anything. She begins to talk but Bloodgood calls for both of them.

Bloodgood says she got an odd message from an anonymous person saying to shut down the school and offer 13 monsters or all will be lost. Axel says it's a prank to try and shut down Monster Schools. He says she should just ignore and go on with the graduation preperations. Bloodgood agrees and dismisses them from her office.

As the last bell rings the doors to the school burst open and a mysterious individual flys in. He lands in the main hallway and says for everyone to gather around. The students are hesitant at first but when the being fires a blast at the cieling they quickly gather. He says that he is The Masked Lantern he has been sent to take 13 monsters and use them for a ritual. He also says they have two options: either willing offer themselves or be taken by force. Bloodgood storms up front and says she will not let students be taken. He laughs and throws a lantern at Aspen Vipers. Scrarah shrieks and tries to pull him from getting sucked into the lantern. She falls back and Aspen is transformed into a small candle inside the lantern. The Masked Lantern grabs the lantern and materializes a glowing chandelier in the main hallway. He places the lantern on one of the 13 rods. He says this is the first of many visits to Monster High. He laughs and flies out.

A few days later the ghoulfriends are talking about the attack and worry that it could happen again at anytime. Frankie says they should be on the look out and to stay safe. The girls agree. Axel comes up and congratulates the girls on graduating. The girls say thanks and Cleo asks him about his relationship with her sister. Axel blushes and says he really likes Nefera but she's doesn't feel the same way. Cleo says to give her time and space. She also says that she's rooting for Axel and Nefera. The girls walk away from a smiling Axel.

In between classes the doors to the school open. The Masked Lantern Flies in and begins shouting his demands. He says he wants two students to come forward and sacrifice themselves. Everyone is silent when suddenly Wicca flies by on her broom. She says she won't let him take anyone else. She pulls out a potion and throws it a him. It creates a cloud of smoke, temporarily distracting him. BoogeyJ and Grimz begin attacking him with blasts and sythes. The Lantern fires blasts of energy and slashes with his sword. He sets a large explosion off, knocking Wicca off her broom and the boys to the ground. He grabs three lanterns and throws them at the monsters. The three are sucked into the lanterns, The Masked Lantern grabs them and places each of them on a rod, causing the chandelier to grow bright. He says he will return and to not cross him again.

Sassa and Skelton are walking the halls together when Lagoona walks bye sobbing. Sassa asks what's wrong. She says it's about Gil and walks into the bathroom. Sassa tells Skelton to go talk to Gil and she follows Lagoona into the bathroom. Lagoona explans that he agreed to go to the underwater school while she stays and goes to MU. Sassa says that they should try to keep in contact and see what they can do. Lagoona says that after being seperated by his parents she feels like they were never meant to be together. Sassa says if they weren't meant to be together then they never would have reunited in the first place. Lagoona smiles and thanks Sassa for the advice. They smile and head off to class.

Sassa, Skelton, Lagoona, and Gil are sitting together at the same creepeteria table when the windows burst and The Masked Lantern flies in. He begins shooting lasers at the tables and says he needs more sacrifices. Skelton grabs a plate and throws it at him. The Lantern turns to him and fires a laser right at him. Skelton closes his eyes and is lucky enough to have it shoot straight through him and avoid him completely. He smiles as Sassa grabs him and begins running. Lagoona and Gil begin running when a table explodes in front of them knock Lagoona onto the floor. Gil tries to help her up but another blast sends him away from her. The Masked Lantern laughs and throws a lantern at Lagoona absorbing her. He then throws two lanterns at Sassa and Skelton absorbing them too. He grabs the three lanterns and flies off to the chandelier. He places them on rods and laughs while flying away.

Meldoy and Jackson are talking about next year and what it means for their realtionship. Jackson says that since Holt didn't get accepted to MU that he'll be able to go to the prestigous MonsTech. Melody says she's so excited for him and that she'll try to fly out often and see him. Jackson is excited and the two hug. Suddenly The Masked Lantern flies in and begins shooting lasers. He turns to Jackson and shoots a laser at him. Meldoy runs and tackles him so he doesn't get hit. Melody's iCoffin begins playin loudly because of the fall. The two get up and begin running when The Masked Lantern throws a lantern at Jackson who begins to feel dizzy and begins transforming into Holt. The lantern begins sucking in Jackson/Holt as they keep switching back and forth. Suddenly the lantern explodes and both Holt and Jackson are stand side by side seperately. Everyone is shocked including The Masked Lantern. He flies out and says he'll return later. Melody runs up and hugs Jackson as Holt runs off to find Frankie.

Brian is walking down the hall listening to Jackson go on about how great it is being seperated from Holt. Brian walks by and smiles at Operetta who ignores him. Just then the Masked Lantern materializes into the hallway and causes more panic for the students. Manny begins charging him while Helga screams for him to stop. The Masked Lantern materializes a shield knocking Manny unconcous. Helga shrieks as The Masked Lantern throws a lantern at Helga. She screams as she gets sucked in. Brian screams for him to leave when The Masked Lantern begins aiming for Brian. He throws a lantern sucking Brian in as well. Operetta screams and begins crying. The Masked Lantern laughs and flies out. Scrarah asks Operetta why she's crying over "that nerd" and Operetta turns and begins shouting that Brian was her boyfriend and to leave him alone. Scrarah walks over and consoles her friends.

Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen are slowly walking down the hallway discussing the attacks. Cleo runs up and says The Masked Lantern returned and that he got Deuce. He begins flying down their hallway and throws a lantern at Cleo absorbing her. Everyone begins running as he throws two more lanterns absorbing Draculaura and Clawdeen. He laughs and grabs the lanterns. He places them on the final rods causing the chandelier to grow extremely bright. He laughs and says that when he returns tomorrow Monster High will fall. He flies out laughing manically.

In the Headmistress's office, Bloodgood is talking with Axel and Nefera about what to do. Axel says he's learned that the following night when The Masked Lantern returns, he'll complete his ritual which will send all Monsters all over the globe into and alternate dimension forever. Bloodgood says that have to stop him. Outside Gina and Howleen are listening in when Gina suddenly has an idea. She bursts into the Headmistress's office. Bloodgood demands to know what the problem is. Gina says that she can user her powers to sen all the students and staff members into her lamp to protect them. Nefera asks how that can help. Gina says that if they're in her lamp they'll be out of range for anything including the ritual. Bloodgood says it's a good idea but it doesn't help with the Monsters all over the world. Gina says she can create an army and stop his army, if she succeeds she'llhave saved everyone, and if not then at least some Monsters will be safe. Bloodgood says to do it and Gina is excited.

Gina stands in front of the remaining students with her lamp at her feet. She explains the situation and begins chanting. Suddenly smoke gathers around the students and they are sucked into the lamp. Howleen, who remained out, says that she wants to stay and help her fight. Gina says it's to risky and sucks her into the lamp as well. Gina turns to the school and begins chanting. She flies around and taps every gargoyle on teh school, transforming them into well-armored warriors. She finally reaches the gargoyle at the front of the school and transforms him into the strongest and leader of the warriors. Gary Goyles introduces himself and asks how he can serve his "princess". Gina smiles and says that when The Masked Lantern returns they must attack him. Gary agrees and shouts orders to the others.

As the sun finally sets a manical laugh echoes through the school. The Masked Lantern flies in front of Gina and tells her to move aside. Gina refuses and says that she has an army to fight him. He laughs and says he does to. Missiles shoot down out of the sky and begin transforming into lanky, pumpkin-headed, JackBots. The Masked Lantern laughs and says he has an army too. The gargoyles begin attack the Jackbots with many on both sides falling. Gina throws bolts of energy at The Masked Lantern while he throws bombs and slashes from his sword. Gina manages to dodge multiple attacks until he knocks her down. As he begins to attack her, Gary flies in and takes the hit for her. Gina is shocked and begins crying.

She stares at a broken Gary while The Masked Lantern Laughs. Gina turns to him and begins screaming incantations at him. She begins brewing a storm kncocking the Lantern off his feet. She begins firing bolts of energy at JackBots and finally one at The Masked Lantern. His mask falls away revealing the face of Axel Venator. Gina is shocked. She asks why when suddenly a voice yells at him to tell her nothing. Gina turns to see Dr. Van Helscream and Ms. Crabgrass standing at the edge of the school. Gina asks who he is. Helscream responds by saying that he leads a group known as The Monster Hunters, and ancient orginization started in medevial times to eliminate all monster on earth. They formerly used ancient magic, but now use modern technologies. HelScream continues by saying that his son, Axel, is his top undercover assassin. Gina is shocked an scared.

Gina turns to Axel and asks why he did this. He says it's in his blood. Gina tells him to remember Nefera and what she meant to him. Axel begins to look worried while Dr. Van Helscream says not to listen to her. In a swift motion Axel turns and knocks his father to the ground. Crabgrass intervenes and traps him in roots she summoned. Gina strikes her back, freeing Axel. Helscream says that he can go to the side of the Monsters but that Axel will just go down with them. He laughs and teleports out. The JackBots begin transforming back into missiles and disappearing.

Gina thanks Axel for his help and asks why he changed his mind. He says he realizes that Dr. Van Helscream made him do those things after he found him again, because Helscream abandoned him as a child. Axel says his mask had some effect on him and that he needs to send it away. He takes out a lantern and throws it in teh air. Axel removes his armor at the last second and it's sucked in. He decides it will be safe in the catacombs. Gina goes to destroy the chandelier and releases the students trapped. She tehn turns all the gargoyls back into statues accept for Gary. She walks over to him and begins crying again. Axel says he's sorry for what he did to him, buy since Gina's so powerful if she just beleives that she can bring him back, she will. Gina concentrates hard and in a flash of light Gary is restored in full health. Gina thanks him for serving her and that he can stay and enroll as a student. Gary says he'd love to protect her all the time.

At a party in Gina's honor Axel tries talking to Nefera. He says he's sorry for what he did and that he loves her. Nefera says she thought she loved him too. Axel apologizes and that he's dedicated to helping the school from now on. Cleo encourages Nefera to just be honest with herself and just take him back. Nefera smiles and says that Axel has a lot of appologizing to do, but he's to good to lose. Axel smiles and the two hug. Everyone dances and has a good time at the party. Gina and Gary dance while Rochelle comes up to Venus and Robecca. She asks who the new guy is. Robecca says it's the leader of the gargoyls, Gary Goyles. Rochelle smiles ans ays she's very interested. At the end everyone thanks Gina for saving them all.


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