Martine 'Marty' Tutanne is the daughter and also granddaughter of the Mutant fishes.


Marty has always been a lively and bubbly monster. She enjoys socialising with both friends and aquaintances, though some find her to be annoying and too loud. Most would describe her as a kind ghoul, but also a bit wild, crazy and sometimes even dipsy.

Physical Description

Marty has scaley, turquoise skin which seems to smoothen in the water. She has long, curly, bright fuschia hair that brings out her hazel eyes. Makeup-wise, she wears sea-green lipstick, violet nail polish and light jade eyeshadow.



Seeing as Marty is her father's only daughter, they share a close relationship. When she was little, Marty's mother left and has since never contacted them. Her grandmother, Mama J-J, also shares a close relationship with her as she used to look after Marty whilst her father was at work.


Marty is best friends with Sheila McArc and Tyre Faun. Sheila and Marty first met during their first day of middle school. Ever since, the ghouls have been best friends.


Tyre Faun is Marty's only and current boyfriend. The two often go out on dates with each other to the cinema, theatre, bowling alley and restaurants. They're very loving and caring to each other and will stand up for one another if neccessary.