Mariascent is the daughter of Maleficent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Origin of Species

Despite being the daughter of Maleficent, Mariascent is not evil. This is because she was not raised by her evil mother. After Prince Phillip killed Maleficent, the three good fairies discovered Mariascent in her castle when she was a baby and decided that Aurora and Phillip would raise her as their daughter. Despite her good nature, she didn't fit in with the normie children. So Aurora decided to send her to Monster High so she would make friends.


Mariascent is best friends with Cleo De Nile and C.A. Cupid. She is also friends with Elle Wicked since both their mothers were evil witches. She mostly hangs out with the Disney Villain Groupies.


Mariascent has a crush on Clawd Wolf, even though he is dating Draculaura. She once tried to give him a love potion but couldn't bring herself to do it.


  • Mariascent's possible voice actress would be E.G. Daily.