Mariah Witch

The Daugther Of The Witch

Mariah Witch
Monster High Student
Mariah Witch RELOAD
Age 16
Monster Parent The Witch
Killer Style -Unknown-
Freaky Flaw I can get creepy at times, I'm at that witch's age where i'm turning crazy and more evil-like.
Pet My pet black cat named Magic, I had him when i was 4. He also has a blue star birth mark on his cheek.
Favorite Activity Making new clothes for my friends! Did you know I made outfits for Frankie,Clawdeen,Lala,cleo,Lagoona,Ghoulia, and Jackson in one day?
Biggest Pet Peeve WATER, I ask my mom why it is and she said "It's very hard to understand but your ancestor was the mom of the Good and Wicked witch and some how we took the part of the Wicked Witch". So there!
Fav School Subject Mad Science
Least Fav Subject Home ick, I know how to do house work!!! I'm 16 for pete sake!!!!
Favorite Color Black with Shades of Green
Favorite Food Pumpkin Pie, It reminds me of jack-o-lanterns on Halloween, which is my B-day!!!
BFFs Draclaura and Jackson
Diary: Mariah's Diary


Mariah is nice ghoul. But sometimes is annoying and worries about the weirdest and stupidest things. She always have plans to save a person in need. She also teaches people lessons.

Physical Description

Mariah has mix skin due to fact that her mom is black and her dad white(also french) and in her diary it state that not all witches have green skin. Also has blue eyes and red lips.


Mariah has mom and a normie dad. She also has two siblings, A sister named Mia and a baby brother named Tommy.

Mariah has half-sister named Breanna.


Draclaura and Jackson are my friends. there's nothing more to it.

She's also friends with Mia, her sis.

Check Out: The Witch Family


She use to like Clawd but didn't want to do that to Draclaura,But she does like Jackson Jekyll but now knows that Frankie might like him. She has small crush on Heath but knows she's friends with Abbey.


She use to hate Clawdeen, but not anymore.


Mariah has a pet black cat named Magic. In Mariah's bio it says that she had him when she was 4,Then in the diray it saids he was a gift from Mariah's "Normie Daddy." also in the section it says one time Mariah charmed Magic to talk one time.

Basic oufit

Mariah wears a dress. It's a short sleeve dress really, the sleeves are black, the shirt for the dress is black, and the skirt to the dress is green. She wear high heels like frankie,black and green striped heels. Her hair (some of it) is in a two long ponytails and the rest is down straight.

Gloom Beach

Mariah is wearing a one piece bathing sult, which is black, and has green polka dots on it. on top is a green bow. Also a black silk waist wrap, black sandals, and green sun glasses. hair in a ponytail with bangs.

School's out oufit

Mariah is wearing a green shirt with a medium length sleeves black jacket and black leggings. Also with white sneakers and a hat made to look like a mini version of a witch's hat. Her hair is straight out.

Dead Tried


Scary Tales


A Scary-ific Baby Shower (It's a boy!)

(it's for her Aunt Racheal, NOT her)

Mariah's wearing a light green shirt with two white straps holding it up. On the shirt, it says "I.A.B" which stands for "It's A Boy". With the shirt, she's wearing a black skirt with light green triangles on the bottom. Her shoes would be light blue heels. Her hair is short (by the shoulders) and has a light blue headband with a black line in the center. There's also a light green star on the headband, the star has a white star inside.

Ghouls Rule

Mariah's wearing a short green dress with a black cape. Also with pastel yellow checkered tights and green heel boots with black desgins on it. Her hair is curly with a curly bang and long to the waist with one pastel yellow hair streak. Her face make-up is a pastel yellow star with a green center around her eye and there's a small version next to it. She mask is wearable and a green "Superhero-like" mask.

Picture Day


Ghoul's Night Out



  • Mariah's name isn't a play off of the singer: Mariah Carey.
  • Mariah is the desginer of the "Scary Tale" Doll Line, This maybe because her mother, due to fairy tales having a Evil Witch or a Evil Queen who has Witch-Like features.
  • If made into a doll, she would have Cleo De Nile's Skin, Height of Abbey,and it's still unknown about the doll mold.
  • Mariah has two more pets, A brown bulldog and a parrot, but the bulldog is the family pet and the parrot is Mariah and Mia's dad pet. The bulldog's name is Jack and the parrot's name is Singa.
  • Belive it or not, Mariah is a wicked witch and her sis is mixture of good and wicked. Mariah's Half-sister, Breanna, is all-good witch.