September, 1

I am going to my first day at monster high in a couple days! Sonja and me are going to the maul tomorrow. Cod is itching to leave the house in a couple months. He is going to live with some of his nasty room mates. I don't know specificly where he is going but he is so excited to get away (and so am I.)

September, 3

I'm packing my back-pack for my first day at monster high. I bought new clothes and new shoes. Sonja is ready too. I can tell she is a little nervous. She wants to try out for the fearleading squad and she really wants to please Cleo De Nile. I have to go to school now and I'll write as soon as I get back.

I just got bck from school and I already made a new friend. A goul named Lagoona Blue asked me to sit at lunch with Sonja. I'm glad there is another seamonster at this school. I also went swimming after school with Lagoona.

October, 2

School is hard. In Clawculas I raised my hand to answer the question and I totally blanked out. In art I stained my new shirt and at lunch I got sick from the school lunch. It was a bad day, but that doesn't mean that all the days will be bad right?

October, 3

I joined the swim team with Sonja and Lagoona. Sonja doesn't really like swim team; she likes to do it on her own time. I think she would rather be shoping or talking on the phone (but seriously, who would pass up an opertunity to go swimming?)

October, 30

I love October. The leaves in the backyard are turning yellow and red and falling off the trees. Cod is leaving in a week so there are boxes all over the livingroom. He has been going back and forth to the apartment and the house. Sonja is now really upset with mom making her join the swim team, because now it's interfearing with her drama club. Even though mom says that drama can come first.

November, 2

Lagoona and I are going swimming after school tomorrow to practice for the swin meet this week end. Sonja really doesn't like swim team because she is locking herslef in her room when ever mom tells her to come with me and Lagoona.

Cod has finally moved out and now I can actually see the floor in the livingroom. Me and Sonja are really happy 'cause now we can each have our own room! But now we have to determin who gets Cod's old room.

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