Marcia is really sweet and outgoing. Marcia is on the swim team and is good freinds with Lagoona. She is

cheerful and goes to all the pep-rallys. She loves to shop for clothes with her friends. She is verry flexible and athlectic. Marcia is very nice and daring. She will almost always do any dare. She loves to play truth-or-dare and dare people to do crazy things.

Physical Apperance

Marcia has pale blue skin that has almost microscopic scales. She has blue eyes and fin things on her arms, head, and legs. She has curly blond hair and wears a pale pink tank-top with fish-net straps. She wears short bluejean shorts with short fish-net leggings. She also wears pale pink sneakers.


  • Mother- Wendy River
  • Father- Georges River
  • Twin sister- Sonja River
  • Older Brother- Cod River


IMG 20120103 181051-1

Sorry the pictue is kind of blury