The Majo'Thon Agency Team is a group of Agents who protect the world from evil. This also includes that their organization is Top Classified and hosted in the Clubs of Monster High. They have orders from Headmistress Bloodgood to engage any evil, convicts, Monsters and Humans who would dare to bring harm to the school and it's students. Their missions and duties are top secret and classified under the command of Director Tennis de Nile who keeps the organization alive by bringing new members to fight for Monster High and Earth itself.

Here are the Vehicels for The Majo'Thon Agency Team:

Cooming Soon!

Here are the Weapons for The Majo'Thon Agency Team:

And Here are The Drones!

Here are The Members in The Majo'Thon Agency Team:

Franko Juan Guerra - Special Agent Zero - Majo'Thon Leader.

Robecca Steam - The Forerunner Bot - Second Leader.

Special Agent Soma Strife - Thrid Leader.

Nefera de Nile - Mega Ghoul - The Leader's sidekick.

Frankie Stein - Mighty Franzuki, Goddess of Thunder.

Draculaura - The Dynamo Lolita.

Clawdeen Wolf - Potema Septim, the Witch Wolf.

Lagoona Blue - The Super Aqua Marine.

Cleo De Nile - Kurio Fujiwara, Goddess of Gravity.

Deuce Gorgon - The Proto-Stoner.

Spectra Vondergeist - The Deadly Ghostly.

Abbey Bominable - The Epicness Rager.

Operetta - The Winged Phantom.

Toralei Stripe - Catrin Hood, Princess of Thieves.

Phrusphone - The Black Knightress.

Meowlody - The White Nun.

Howleen Wolf - The Blue Magetress.

Rochelle Goyle - The Gargoyle Princess.

Venus McFlytrap - The Mother Naturess.

And here are The Agents of U.N.M.A.N.E.D. Who work for Director Tennis de Nile.

Agent Marie Sakurai.

Agent Onpu Segawa.

More Names coming soon!

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