Her Story

She is from England and would always turn into a bird and fly to Greece to visit her friend Hadley. But then, some normies were on the verge of discovering that she and her family were monsters, so her father thought the best choice would be to move her and her family to America to avoid persecution. She was then enrolled in Monster High and there she met her now boyfriend, Helia Harpey and eventually Hadley, her best friend moved to America and then enrolled in Monster High.


She is very nice, but is also very stubborn. she is always getting her friends to try something new. She is very clutzy.

Her Love of Animals

She grew up loving animals and at thirteen she had fully mastered her abilities and was able to communicate with them. She loves all animals except jellyfish but she is especially close to her pet turtle Maskette.


Maskette is an average sized turtle with a darker green around her eyes making her look like she has a mask.


Her boyfriend is Helia Harpey. According to her, he is the sweetest boy in the world. They met when she, being her clutzy self, bumped into him and they both went crashing into the floor. After a few weeks of being of just friends, he finally asked her out and they have been dating ever since.


Lyra Idenity

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