I could seriously injure with over 100 animal. Are you sure you want to read this?

Tuesday, December 1

Today we went on a school field trip to the zoo today, so I had lots of fun with Hadley and Helia. Zookeepers are so gulliable, I can't believe they didnt get supicous when so many animals were "escaping". It was alot of fun.

Thursday, December 10

I got a part in school play. I love to act. It will be so much fun, we are doing Romeo and Ghouliet.

Thusday, December 17

Helia and I went on a double date with Hadley and Shade at the carnival it was alot of fun. even though the normies were looking at us funny when Helia with his "super harpy strengh" knocked down the whole booth with just one throw of a ball.

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