Luvee Keen is quiet, but very upbeat and always trying to help people down on their luck. She knows more about superstition than a lot of people and has a bevvy of good lucky charms on hand at all times. She loves languages, shopping, and writing letters to pen pals. She doesn't often get down, but when she does her wailing can be a tell-tale sign of upcoming bad luck. Thankfully, she's easily cheered. Smart and self-relient and can do pretty much anything (except swimming).

Physical Description

Petite and fair skin with a wash of titian hair that falls over her super-pale green eyes, Luvee makes up for her natural light coloring by wearing lots of green, her closet is full of a hundred hues of emerald. She doesn't much like shoes, and is usually wearing her calf-length brown boots with thick socks over tights. She wears a variety of scarves, shawls, capes, wraps, cardigans, and pull over sweaters and not much jewelry, save for an occasional rose-gold bracelet or her heirloom emerald ring.


Luvee is not particularly close with her mother and was happy to leave Ireland and her mother's whiny nature behind in favor of going to Monster High. She comes from a huge family, with twenty-four banshee sisters, who she loves but is glad to be away from. The first friend she made upon coming to Monster High was Abbey Bominable, another transfer student.