Age 16
Monster Parent The Werewolf
Killer Style I love anything ripped, but simple.
Freaky Flaw Fur. Did you know that just waxing my legs takes an hour to do and clean up.
Pet Luna is my loving kitty
Favorite Activity Skateboarding
Biggest Pet Peeve When people say, "Did you get your hair cut? I can't tell. You're too furry."
Fav School Subject Math. Numbers ROCK!!!!!
Least Fav Subject Drama. I get enough at my house
Favorite Color Hot pink
Favorite Food Well, I'm vegan so fruits, veggies, and supplements.
BFFs Melody Finley
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Lupa is a rebel. She thinks rules are for losers. She also tends to put down someone, but not too harshly. She has a soft spot for people who are getting picked on, like her BMFF, Melody Finley.


Lupa has tan fur, yellow eyes, and brown hair with pink highlights.


Family: Not much is known except that her brother is Remus Claw.

Friends: She tends to be a loner, but made an exception for Melody.

Romance: She believes boys are a waste of time, but there again, she is the only girl in her family. Because of being the only girl, she has become openly lesbian and has started a relationship with former rival, Wynona Vern. This was a shock for Lupa's family, but they have been quite understanding.



Lupa's basic is ripped jeans, a hot pink tee, and hot pink hoop earrings

Dawn of the Dance

Lupa has pink and green eyeshadow and lips, pink and green earrings, a pink mini dress with crossing green belts, a lime under shirt, and leggings.
Lupa Claw DotD


Lupa Claw

Lupa, basic


"NO! My fuzzy pom-poms!" Lupa fights against Wynona Vern.


"I know. You were awful."

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