*Please note that this character is based upon a background character, so the information presented here is only one artist's interpretation of the character.*

Luken Varcolac is a Romanian breed of werewolf. He formerly attended Cresent Moon High and transfered to Monster High when the schools combined.


Luken wavers between being a typical beta wolf and a dominant alpha wolf. He has a strong personality, with a leadership attitude, but he sometimes looses the drive to take the leadership role. He also has an attitude with authority figures, so is often labled as the "bad boy". when he has the right motivation though, he's strong willed and determined to get whatever his is goal at any cost.

Physical Appearance

Luken is a brown wolf with shoulder lengthed dark brown hair that has natural blonde highlights in it. His eyes are gold, and he also has a chinstrap of hair on his face. He's also rarely seen without a leather jacket of some sort.

Classical Monster

Luken is a European breed of werewolf called a "Varcolac", which doesn't differ much from the standard breed.



Luken lives with his adopted family, the only identified member being his sister Pinkamina Denner. What happened to his biological family is unknown..


Aside from his sister, Luken is also seen hanging out with Conor Wolfhound, D.O.G, and Romulus. He's also known to hang around clawd Wolf, though less frequently.


Luken doesn't get along well with most of his vampire peers.


He has no pet.


Luken has shown a romantic interest in Clawdeen Wolf and has yet to sucessfully persue him. However, a Felicity Fuller has shown interest in him, and he has yet to react to that as well.



Luken has a rusty colored sleeveless shirt on under a green leather jacket. He also wears black skinny jeans and combat/hiking boots. He also wears a dof collar with what is to assumed to be a dogtag on it.


  • Luken attends the Day Class shift of Monster High
  • Luken is based upon a background wolf from the Fright On TV special
  • Luken's first name was chosen because of his resemblance to the Underworld character Lucian, "Luken" being a variant of that, and it's similarity to the word "lycan"
  • Luken and Pinkie's familial relationship is based upon KPenDragon's eariler art pieces about their original lycanthrope characters Katherin and Marik Pendragon (whom both resemble to a degree) being siblings

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