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Lina Greene and the Monster Mash is a fan-made band in the Monster High Fandom. It's members contain Lina Greene, Raina Taylor and Alexis Underworld.


The band was formed in 2011.


Lina Greene

Lina is the lead singer of the band. She is the daughter of the Little Green Aliens. Lina would usually write either pop, rock, country or sometimes up-tempo ballads for the band. Some of her songs are inspired by doo-wop and electronic tracks, and she explores a lot to get as much experience for songs. She even wrote a song dedicated to her BFF Breanna Beetlejuice.

Raina Taylor

Raina is the drummer. She is the daughter of Rick Taylor.

Alexis Underworld

Alexis is the guitarist. She is the daughter of Hades and Persephone. The songs that she writes for the band are usually either in a Country style, or an Indietronica style, similar to Howl City (the Monster version of Owl City)


The band covers songs, and even writes their own. This is the list of songs so far:

New material:

  • Crush on the Music - an original song written by Lina Greene. It focuses on 'not needing anything but a song to make someone happy' and also a slight nonromantic effect to it.
  • Apatheic Neutrality – an original song by Alexis. The lyrics are yet to be posted.
  • Thursday (Lucky Day) - an original song by Lina.
  • Easy to Shatter - an original song by Lina. This is a ballad that is played for a slow dance in the fan-fiction.
  • Singing llamas – an original song by Alexis. It contains a lot of toilet humour and singing llamas and is intended to be humourous.
  • Just for Guitar Hero – an original song based on a xkcd comic.
    Guitar hero

    Our plan

    It seems to be cool, and mellow, but in the middle, there are no lyircs, just random wild flaidling on the strings for 30 seconds to mess up people playing guitar hero.

Cover versions:

  • 'The Yacht Club' by Howl City (Owl City) is performed primarily by Alexis as a medley for the Gilded Breanna Awards.
  • 'Good Time' (by Howl City and Carly Rae Jepsen) is performed during the school dance as part of a Fearrios routine. Alexis sings the Howl City parts while Lina sings the Carly Rae Jepsen parts.

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