Leslei Claws is the 16 year old daughter of a were-cat, and is a DJ at monster high. She is a 2015 all around character of Mama mittens. She is a cat that has created music for the majority of her nine lives and is best friends with shane catson and Catty Noir.



Leslei is a out-going, curious girl with a Lust for Music with a thick beat. Leslei is a popular Underground Dj that goes to monster high. She is nice when she wants to be, But is often focused on her work and skills, trying to find a song with a cat-chy Beat.


Even though she writes music for her, leslei and catty noir are besties. Leslie writes music for her off and on when catty is having trouble, or has writers block.


Leslei is cousins with Shane catson and is always there for him when he is having a depressed spell. And as usual when he starts feeling sad she slaps him around and brings him back down to earth to get back in the game.

Leslie is also cousins with the Japanese were-cat twins yin and yang.


Leslei is an orange were-cat with music notes in her hair. She wears a lot of purple, and black-based clothing, and has the Avicii sign Tattooed on her left shoulder. Her eyes are a pastel lavender almost white, and both of her ears are chipped.

Monster parent

Leslei is the daughter of a were-cat, which is like a werewolf but is considered more of a shape-shifter than a werewolf.


Lesleis' birthday is on June 21st and is a cancer.