Leora is the 13 year old daughter of the Werelion. She is tough, shy, sweet, and creative! She attends Monster Fright Middle School. She also does martial arts at Frightlen Martial Arts Academy. Oh and this ghoul has a serious crush on Jackula. Here is her bio.

Name: Leora Mclion

Age: 13, but I still have nine lives ahead of me

Monster Parent: The Werelion

Lucky Number:6

Killer Style: I like bright colors, animal print, and don't forget punk!

Freaky Flaw: I"m a little shy, but my beast friends can be there for me.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Steak and baked potaoes topped with cheese of course!

Pet: My black and white cat.

BFFs: Titiana Foot and Lina Bite

Favorite Activity: Having a fangtastic time with my beast friends.

Pet Peeve: When my shyness causes me to miss out on things.

Favorite Subject: I'm an ace at math, but I always impress Coach Howlson at gym.

Least Favortie Subject: Drama, I can act, but I'm no drama queen.

Apperance: Leora has dirty blond hair that she dyed pink. It has purple and blue streaks. She has brown cat like eyes and a pale skin tone, but she is coated in tan colored fur. She has ears on the top of her head.

Basic: Leora wears a white short sleeved dress covered in pink, aqua, green, yellow, orange, and red tiger stripes. She wears black leggings and short black boots. Her hair is long and straight with no bangs.

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