"You have the personality of a road kill raccoon and you expect me to want to be around you?" - Leon in 'Attitudes Slow.'

Leon is the 21 year old son of the chimera and Felicity Lupus' older brother. When he was very intelligent and one of the most popular in high school. He graduated with Cleo De Nile's older sister, Nefera De Nile.


Leon is the pick you up when you're down type monster. He hates to see people sad and hurt. He tries his best to make things right. He enjoys visiting up to Monster High to see his younger sister and his friends. Leon is very strong when it came to defending his friends and family. He does have a bad side, though, when he gets mad, he can go on a complete rampage.

Physical Description

Leon is very muscular from athletics, has dark brown fur, and short black hair. He has dark gray horns atop his head and along his back and green scales on his shoulders. Unlike Felicity, he has silver eyes and one piercing at the top of his ear.


The Chimera

Origin of Species

Leon is the son of the chimera. He has horns and scales just like the mythical beast.



Leon lives with his mother, Kenaii, his father, Lupine, and his younger sister, Felicity in a two story house that reminds you of a scary haunted house complete with the creaky, tinted windows. His parents own a resteraunt called 'In the Night' , where he works and sometimes plays guitar for entertainment.


He has alot of friends and goes back to Monster High to visit them. Although he says 'A leader can't play favorites', his friends include Clawd Wolf, Romulus, Deuce Gorgon, Lelouch CaBara, Griff Griffeon, Jevel Rainfulle, and Heath Burns


Leon's pet is an undead dragon named Tiem. She is described as being very quiet but very intelligent.


Leon was dating Nefera De Nile all through their high school years but they broke up when they graduated. Even though they aren't together, they still enjoy hanging around and seeing each other when they visit Monster high. He doesn't approve of her vindictive personality but Nefera tries her best not to show that side of her when he is around. He is currently not dating anyone.

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