Laverna was born into the family of Satan, who married an angel. As an angel/demon hybrid, Laverna is good and evil. She favors more with her father Satan and hopes to rule all of Hell when he dies someday. Until then, Laverna must go to Monster High until she's eighteen and ready to rule. Laverna is a prankster and love pranking her sister Laya, who favors more of her angel side than demon. Laverna is best friends with Cleo De Nile and quite popular at Monster High.
==Physical Description==
Laverna red and pink-skinned with a red wing on her left and a white wing on her   
right. She has a dark blue skirt and a dark pink tank top. She wears purple boots to match. Laverna inherited long black hair from her mother that goes all the way down to her hips.
Totally crushin' on Deuce. (Don't tell Cleo!)
Has one sister named Laya.
Her father is Satan.
Her mother is an angel.
Cleo De Nile, Deuce Gorgon, and Ghoulia Yelps.