Lana Yorona
Monster High Student
Lana Yorona
Age Excuse me?! You do not ask a ghoul that!!
Monster Parent La Llorona (to the Americanos, the Weepin Woman)
Killer Style Dresses, boots, and my fab bangles
Freaky Flaw I always have to be self conscious and will my self to be solid, otherwise things just...pass.
Pet Calavera is my glorious chihuahua
Favorite Activity Visiting the lake
Biggest Pet Peeve When kids act as if I'll lure them into my pond. I'm not my mom, comprende?
Fav School Subject I love 'em all
Least Fav Subject (See above)
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Food Ghost tacoes.
BFFs The members of my clan, Forevermore.
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Lana is a bit of a diva and perfectionist. However, on the inside, she cares for kids.


Lana had white skin, black hair, and orange highlights.


Lana is the founder of a clan, Forevermore. This clan is constanly fighting for monster equality. Other members are:

  • Wynona Vern
  • Lupa Claw
  • Melody Finley
  • Remus Claw