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Kylee's Basic outfit.

Kylee Kumonga is the daughter of Kumonga. She practices witchcraft and appears unexpectedly all the time. She is 15 (and a half) years old and she is best friends with Cleo de Nile.


Age: 15 and a half. The half makes me sound older than I am (which I'm not).

Monster Parent: Kumonga.

Killer Style: I rock everything goth and full of edgy decals.

Freaky Flaw: I can't walk straight. I literally have to bend over backward to get a school paper from my locker.

Pet: Kaylin, my adorable pet black tarantula. Even if she's poisonous, she is very sweet.

Favorite Activity: Practicing witchcraft in my library.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people accuse me of doing something wrong, like casting spells to cause food fights.

Favorite School Subject: Dead Languages. I love bragging in Spanish.

Least Favorite School Subject: Clawculus. I don't even have to explain why. (Boring)

Favorite Color: Dark purple and black.

Favorite Food: Olives and grilled cheese sandwiches.

BFF's: Cleo de Nile.

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