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Get your paws off my diary!

20th June

Ugh... I'm sick with the flu so I have to stay at home whilst mom, dad and everyone else go to visit my cousins, aunts and uncles. It's just Fernando and I all alone in my tiny, little room (well, actually, it's my sister's and my room). At least I'm not visiting my family. Normally we're at their house for about 6 hours. Now's the time to just relax and eat all the food I want. After all, I am sick, aren't I? Lucky Fernando, he NEVER gets sick...

25th June

Still sick with the flu... I haven't moved an inch since the last entry, 'cause mom keeps bringing me food and she even insisted that I got the whole room to myself. That means no sisters to bother me! Ha! Being sick may be fun after all... Actually, it's not. My eyes sting, my stomach constantly hurts and I can't stop coughing and sneezing :( Bleh! I was going to go shopping with Toralei in a few days, if I can get out of bed. Oh well, I've got nice meals, a whole room to myself and Fernando here. He's just like a teddy bear, except that he'll bite you if you disturb him...

30th June

Just came back from the maul. I feel a whole lot better know, but now mom's got the flu. Dad told us that we have to clean, wash dishes and cook dinner. I can't cook for the unlife of me! Felicia (my oldest sister) is lucky, she can just go and stay with her boyfriend, Cole, for the week! While we 'younger' ones have to do all the work! Anyway, on a lighter note; I bought a new pair of heels at the maul today! They look awesome on me. Although I'm not a girly girl, I have a thing for high heels. Seriously, I have about thirteen (my lucky number) pairs in my part of the wardrobe! I saw loads of monsters at the maul today. Purrsephone & Meowlody, Ghoulia, Cleo (practically my worst enemy), Operreta and this really cute guy. I haven't seen him at school before, so he's obviously new. I think he was fanging out with Gil, so I'll ask him who it is and if he's single <3

1st July

Sis came back from Cole's today. To be honest, it was sort of quiet without her here. Normally I don't really pay attention when she leaves but, now that she's come back, it's noisy again. Don't tell her that I missed her, okay? That could ruin my reputation forever...

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