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Kreetin Jeebie

Kreetin is the 15 year old son of Ghoulies. He has a pet rat named Undertaker.


Kreetin Jeebie is friendly,outgoing and very confident.He loves sports, cooking, and singing.He has a bad temper and will go after anyone who hurts his friends.He calls his best friends his Skeleton Crew.

Physical Description

Kreetin is tall and muscular, with green eyes, small horns, and fangs that paralyzes people (at lease for a few hours). His hair is blue.

Classic Monster

Kreetin Jeebie is the child of two Ghoulies. Based on the Mythology of A small fiendish creature with jutting incisors and a receding hairline that typically dwells in sewer pipes with a paralyzing bite so it can eat its pray alive. Also called an amphibious troll.



Kreetin lives with his parents, who are both Ghoulies and 13 year old sister Demona. In a House-like area within the Sewers of the town (Much like the TMNT)


Kreetin is like brothers with Deuce Gorgon. He is also Close friends with Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile, Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Ghoulia Yelps and Lagoona Blue.


Currently single but not always happy about it. He has a bit of a crush on all his Female friends except Cleo de Nile and Draculaura cause they have a heart on someone else.




Kreetin wears a purple T-shirt, with a Monster High Letter Jacket. He has Blue Jean pants, grey and white skate shoes, and a black wristband with the Monster High logo on his right wrist (just like Deuce‘s).

Dawn of the Dance

Kreetin wears a blue collared shirt, a black tie, a black jacket and pants with slip on black dress shoes.

Gloom Beach

A Hawaiian shirt with a Picture of a beach, Blue Swimming shorts, Blue sunglasses, and Aqua blue swim shoes.

School Spirits

Kreetin's basketball uniform is a black sleeveless top with a pink and white trim and a pink v-neck, with shorts with the same trim.

He also wears black sneakers with green laces, white socks with black argyle at the top

His uniform number is 23.

Dead Tired

A Red wife beater tank top and Blue Pajamia Pants.

School's Out

Kreetin wears a Dark red Callored T-shirt. He has Blue Jean pants, grey and white skate shoes, and a black wristband with the Monster High logo on his right wrist (just like Deuce‘s).



Kreetin's Diary


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