Kitty Noir
Monster High Student
Age 14
Monster Parent The Werecats
Killer Style I like to have a fiercely unique style. Usually includes a rainbow of neons and mini skirts.
Freaky Flaw

Well, im not as agile as most cats, and I tend to run into walls, and chase laser lights. Hehehe.....yeah

Pet Well, since I have to go with my sister on Tour, the only "Pet" Ive had was a salamender that I picked up in Texas
Favorite Activity Going on tour with my big sis! I LOVE all the diffrent cities!
Biggest Pet Peeve Being compared to my sisiter. Im my own person ya know?! So what, i'm not a superstar! Yet. ;)
Fav School Subject Well, im home schooled, But i'd have to say art, because I can be who I want! And I LOVE Drawing!
Least Fav Subject Math!! Why does 2 +2=4?! The world may never know!
Favorite Color Neon!....Wait that doesnt count?....oh
Favorite Food Ive been to alot of places, and I mean ALOT, but Fried Chicken still stands ;)

Don't really have time now, but I hope for some someday



Kitty is confident and enthusiastic. She belives she will get her time to shine as bright as her sister. Sometimes she feels lonely because she moves too much to make friends, and evryone pays attention to her sis. But she loves her anyway. Her and Catty are like GFFs more than sisters and she is always as happy as she can be when she goes on tour with her. 

Carecter Origins

Kitty Is the daughter of the werecats.


Kitty has black fur with pink markings around her  Right eye, on her arms, and one covering her whole right leg.  She has Brown eyes and Ble and pink streaked hair, with Purple and yellow paint splatters on her bangs.



Kitty is very close with her sisiter Catty, and is the daughter of a werecat couple. She however does not see her parents much because she is on tour with her sister.


Kitty does not have time to make friends with her touring all the time. She however is Beast Friends with her sister Catty.


In the same situation of her making friends, she does not have time to meet boys.

She has danced with many boys at her sisters concerts, though.



In her basic outfit, Kitty wears a  one off the shoulder sleve shirt that has the Number 13 on it, in similarity to FootBall jerseys.

She also has a Neon yellow mini skirt and Purple leg warmers

He rhair is in a ponytail with side swept bangs

Autograph signing

Kitty has a one long sleved shirt, with tears in the arm.

It has a purple belt with a black buckle

She also wears a Purple chocker necklace with a black buckle

Her leggings are purple and have tears in the legs.

Her hair is in a Bun with 2 Ponytails hanging down

Ghouls Night Out

Kitty sports a sleeveless dress with pink and blue zebra print.

it has denim on the chest area and denim ruffles at the bottom.

she also has a blue headband and bracelet

her hair is in a slanted bob

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