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Kira is Operetta's twin sister but before her father died he called her Kira because Christine told him if she would ever have a daughter she will call her Kira and a couple weeks later before he died Kira was born and he asked his son to take care of his three younger sisters.
  • Age: 16 in phantom years.
  • Monster Parent: Phantom of the Opera.
  • Killer Style: Goth lolita. I like lolita.
  • Freaky Flaw: My mask. It isn't pretty on that side.
  • Pet: My rat Erik. I named him after my dad and he even has a cute little mask for himself!
  • Favourite Activity: Playing my guitar.
  • Favourite School Subject: Music history like my sis!
  • Least Favourite School Subject: Clawulus... not my thing
  • Favourite Color: Black.
  • Favourite Food: Sausage sandwiches delish!

BFF's: Operetta, Frankie Stein, Duece Gorgon, Annaliese Abus



schools out Kira is sitting on a stool at home as you can see I can't draw skulls and cross bones


dawn of the dance done by osk


dead tired


gloom beach


dawn of the dance