Kim Reaper is the older sister of Deathony Reaper and the daughter of the Grim Reaper. Unlike her sister, Kim is more interested in the family buisness and gothic styles. She is very close to her dad. Not only does she do they family buiseness, she also helps her father council students. She may have her own list, but she doesn't just go right and left puting every monster on her list, she's very responsible with that. Her is her bio.

Name: Kim Reaper

Age: 160

Monster Parent: the Grim Reaper

Killer Style: I blend skeleton style and gothic style together, I call it skelegothic.

Freaky Flaw: I have been called a daddy's ghoul once or twice by my sister. I won't deney it, I am a daddy'd ghoul. That's not exactly my freaky Flaw though. I'm kind of an over acheiver. I just try my best at everything, my school work, the family bussiness, even at guidence counciling, but hey, not only do I get things done, I do things greatly.

Favorite Color: glow-in-the-dark

Favorite Food: key lime pie

Pet: Bones, my baby skeleton T-rex. I know what your thinking, and she not extinct because she's a skeleton-rex.

Favorite Activity: doing my best at everthing I do.

Pet Peeve: when someone calls me "little miss perfect."

BFF's: Carly Spellmasters and Goblina Fright

Favorite School Subject: I'm good at everything.

Least Favorite Subject: Drama, they're making a mokery of the family buiseness.

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