Katie as an Avatar

"It's not every DAY I get to be me, Clawdeen!"


Age: 15

Daughter of the Werewolf

Killer Style: Well, I like leather, checkers, and spots! Plus, my freckles make me stand out from the crowd along with my silver eyes!

Freaky Flaw: Everyone compares me with my sister, Clawdeen! It's because we look so much alike except my eyes and freckles.

Favorite Color: Well, I have a lot. But, if I had to pick 4, it'll be, Black, White, Purple and Silver.

Favorite Food: Stake Medium Rare or Rare...

Biggest Pet Peeve: When dad put out thmonsterhigmonsterhighfandom.wikia.commmuch alike, dad!

Favorite Activity: Playing soccor after school with Clawdeen, Clawd, and Howleen!

Pet: My white polar bear cub, Moonlace! He's sooo cute when he goes into a little ball and plays with his paws!

BFFS: Fankie Stein and Ghoulia Yelps. There so fiercely sweet and kind!

Favorite School Subject: Dead Languages. It helps me get in contacts with Ghoulia's Zombie Talk or whatever.

Least Favorite School Subject: Phys Ed. Ruins my nail. Especially when we do Push-Ups.