Katana is a good,mysterious girl.She is sometimes been seen acting creepy around people before,but overall she's real sweetheart.

Physical Description

Classic Monster

Katana is adopted neice of the phantom of the opera she is actually daughter of a filipino monster her self but was adopted at the age of five because her mother was too busy to take care of her.



Katana has a huge family over in the Philipenes but she only goes to there when there's some festival or in the howlidays there are 8 people in her family (4 girls including Katana and 2 boys the rest are the parents)her father's always in Manila doing buisness men stuff but her mum actually haunts people (yes,she's a monster)but by day she's a regular mum.She also has a twin named Katrina.



Kat hasn't really made any enemies but it could be hinted a mean ghoul named Holly hates her(hint:Holly's daughter of the first person to get killed by a tiger in England).


Katan is not in a current realationship but some guys flirt with her she just ignores them she dosen't want to be in a realationship since her dad would probably ground her or kill her (not really) though she usaully thinks men are idiots.Though it's hinted in High School she might have a boyfriend (Probobly Invis Billy)or at least be asked out.



Dead Tired

Talent Show



  • A katana is a type of blade.

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