Kamella is Dexter Arkham's female pet flying fox, whom she found one day while exploring a neighboring town.

Physical Description

Kamella has the appearance of a standard Malaysian Flying fox. She is a very large bat, most likely larger than Count fabulous, but not one of the largest of her kind. She has a fox-like face, with mostly dark brown fur. She has orange fur around her neck, and large brown eyes.

Bio Description:

She's a flying Fox and apparently very camera shy.


  • Kamella is an Hungarian name that means Perfect.
  • Kamella is larger than Count Fabulous in the same way Dexter is larger that Draculaura. However, Kamella eats only fruits and blossoms therefore is vegetarian like Draculaura.
  • A humanized version of her has her in a dark red wrap shirt with a black undershirt and jeans. Her hair and eyes are brown, her skin is Caucasian and she is meant to be a vegan vampire.

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