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Kalama's Basic outfit.

Kalama Kamacuras is one of the daughters of Kamacuras. She is very strong and loves Biteology. She is the older sister of Kanani Kamacuras and is 16 years old. She is best friends with her sister and Grace Reaper.


Age: 16 in monster years. I don't know how old I am in bug years.

Monster Parent: Kamacuras.

Killer Style: I rock everything girl-y and full of school spirit.

Freaky Flaw: I'm really strong, like really strong. I could beat up a bully if I had too, but I avoid P.E. at all costs.

Pet: Buzz, my pet buttterfly. He lives in a tree hollow I made for him.

Favorite Activity: Using nail polish to change up the colors on my toes and fingers. I just love nail polish!

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people think I like P.E. I don't care about P.E., but my sister does.

Favorite School Subject: Biteology. I love going into the lab and learning new things.

Least Favorite School Subject: I love school so much that I don't have a least favorite subject.

Favorite Color: Indigo.

Favorite Food: Little snacks that have anything with sugar and more sugar.

BFF's: Kanani Kamacuras and Grace Reaper.