Kadwizia is a red miniature monkey, and the pet of Lina Greene.

Physical Description

Kadwizia is a red monkey that is capable of sitting on branches. She has red fur all over her body, brown eyes with small eyelashes, a brown face, small red ears and pale yellow sclera.

Bio Description

"She's as slick and high-tech as I am with added cheekiness."


  • AGE: 3
  • KILLER STYLE: My red fur is totally cute and necessary for a mission.
  • PET: Lina Greene, she's the diagnosis of gorgeous.
  • FAVOURITE ACTIVITY: Swinging across trees, with my tail as a vine.
  • BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Watch out for that-BANG! Ooh, tree.
  • FAVOURITE FOOD: Red bananas.
  • BFFs: Scuttle, Evolution, Professor Scot and Flamer



  • Kadwizia is said to be like a guard to Lina according to her diary

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