It is said that she is a phantom. She lives in invisible court in a huge mansion that all the people that ever lived there is haunting the house.She died in 1990 she got in a deadly car crash and also lost her parents.​

  • She has an eerie and creepy apperance and feel when you are around her.
  • She loves to float around, turn invisible and likes walking through walls.
  • She has the ability to see into the future.
  • Julia acts as any other 14 year old would act.
  • Her birthday is on October 10.
  • She is very romantic but her parents dont want her to date.
  • Her fave holiday is Halloween.
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    She is the one on the right the other one i will have page for soon!

  • She has a sister named Eve they arent alike.
  • She loves school.

She is definetly a new ghoul at school and doesnt have many friends.



Her basic outfit is a purple long sleeved shirt with a silver flower belt she has a skirt that is purple then fades into a light purple with purple boots with silver flowers on them. Sometimes she will wear a red cape for a haunting look.

Dead Tired

She wears a purple shirt with a silver flower in the middle with purple pants. Her hair is up in two pigtails.



She is very close with her family. She has an a adoptive younger sister named Eve.