Jojo is a popular mummy relative. He is nice unlike his other fellow mummies. His favorite color is scarlet, and wears scarlet bandages.


Jojo is also royalty, and enjoys being treated like it, but doesn't get caught up in it. He is down to earth, and doesn't follow the basic "always wear gold rules."

Physical Appearence

Jojo is an average sized boy. He has brown hair with a red chain going through it which is supposed to be a crown. He wears a red hoodie without sleeves with gold egyptian symbols on it. He then wears red bandages underneath the hoodie & has a red star on his forearm.



Jojo is known to be popular and has become good friends with all and monsters really like him. He is known to be great friends with Deuce Gorgon, and sometimes gives advice on how to handle Cleo. He is a good guy, even tolerating Nefera's flaws with just chuckling at her.


He is family with the De Nile sisters, who both look down on him because of his red bandages. He doesn't take it personal at all. He seems to know Azura & Hissette, and brought them both gifts. Azura and Hissette seem to like him because of how nice he is.


Jojo's pet is a kitten name Purriz. He looks golden and has red paws and understands Jojo. HE is Jojo's best friend.

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