Johann Heim is the son of the Jötunn. He has a younger brother named Joey Heim, and the two are current exchange students to the Monster High school district.


Due to his large size and features, Johann is often seen as the opposite of what he truly is. Other monsters will avoid conflict with him even without him prompting such behavior. But if he actual does deal with a monster of diminutive(by comparison) size, he will be careful not to cause any undue harm. He also will lapse into silence when thinking or because he has nothing to say. This will be mistaken for arrogance or simply rudeness.

Physical Appearance

Johann is very large in stature, and is around the same height as Manny Taur if not taller. His skin is a deep blue with black markings in his skin which are a natural trait of his species. At his age he has a few throughout his body, and more will appear as he goes along. He also has black hair that is usually brushed back away from his face and completely red eyes, though the conjunctiva are a bit darker than the pupil and iris.

Classical Monster

Frost Giants, or Jötunn, are a large part of Norse Mythology. This version though is closely based upon the Thor movie portrayal of the Frost Giants physically, while drawing cultural elements from both sources and more.



Johann parents are both Frost Giants as well but both stayed back in Jötunnheim. Little is known about them other than the father is a warrior like Johann will most likely become, and they have mixed feelings about having two sons that are both small by the species standards. Johann's brother Josef is an exchange student as well but attends the Middle School. The two get along well, and share an issue with understanding "Midgardian customs". They live with a set of host parents, who they also seem to get along with fairly well. The host parents are presumably also larger since the brothers are able to live in the house comfortably.


Much like his brother, Johann has not had many of his peers approach him. He considers Lukas a friend only because the demi-god puts up with his taunting and does not treat Johann any different. He also has a good relationship with Abbey Bominable due to their shared issues with being in a different culture.


The only potential enemies Johann might have are Manny Taur and Heath Burns. The former due to his mistreatment of monsters smaller than him, the latter due to his interest in Abbey and general attitude.


Johann has a crush on Abbey, and as of yet friendship is the only kind of relationship he has with her. Presumably they will get closer when they work to better speak English together, enough that she does go out on a date with him.

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