Jinx is mischievous and sharp-tongued, but a good friend and knows when to help or leave her ghouls alone (she can sense their aura, and this helps her know just what to do to make her ghouls feel better). Jinx has a sarcastic attitude towards her enemies and loves playing practical jokes on them. She can be polite if she wants to be.

Physical Description

Jinx has pale skin, long auburn curls, and green eyes. She is not particularly pretty, and boys do not often fall for her, but she has a certain glow that make people respect her. And NO, that’s not because she cast a spell on them.



Jinx isn’t very close to her family, the witches (witches can be male and female). She has one known sibling, Morgan McHex, her older brother. The only thing that bonds them is living in the same house and being related.


Jinx is good friends with Spectra Vondergeist and Operetta. She met Frankie Stein on her first day. She gets along with Abby Bominable, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Cleo de Nile, but is (believe it or not) shy around boys and always finds an excuse not to talk to them.


At the moment, Jinx has not got any crushes, but a mysterious person puts love notes in her locker every so often. He does not sign his name. Jinx thinks this is somebody’s idea of a practical joke, but made the notes laminated and kept them in her diary.