Jersia Devil

Age: 16

Monster parent: The Jersey Devil

Killer style: Like, OMG. Silk? It's totes my thing. But don't even get me STARTED on polyester. Guh-ross!

Freaky flaw: Rawr! I love to scare people. But like, I'm such a scare-dy cat! Ughh!

Favorite color: Pink! Pink! Anddd.. MORE PINK! OMG I LOVES IT!

Favorite food: Omg, I don't even eat. I have this 'problem' my dad says. But my doctor says it's anorexia soo...

Pet peeve: When people call me 'The Devil' I'm not even mean! I'm just sassy!

Favorite activity: Shopping! Are you kidding?! Totes love it! ;D

Pet: OMG, I know it might sound a little over the top but I have a pet TASMANIAN DEVIL! I thought we'd match and I was totes right about it! :)

BFF's: Um, like, Cleo's my BFFL. We're totes the tightest! :D

Favorite subject: School is totes a drag to me.

Least favorite subject: Everything else.


  • Like her sister,she speaks with a Jersey accent
  • she is NOT the horse kind of jersey devil she's the dwarf with horns kind every jeresy devil here is only kevin is not he is the horse kind