Jennywise is the 14 year old daughter of Pennywise, a killer clown seen in the movie It(if you're a horror movie fan check It out!) Jennywise, like her dad, is not only a clown, but anything she wants to be. Her true form is a force so powerful, she can never really be stopped. She likes geting inside people minds and catching them off gaurd, by making their worst fears come to like. She goes to Monster Fright middle school as a nineth grader. If you ever see her around school, she'll be in her favorite form: fashionable clown. You might have a hard time being her friend, because after awhile she'll start creeping you out. Here is her bio.

Name: Jennywise


Monster Parent: Pennywise

Nickname: Creepy Clown

Lucky Number: 7

Killer Style: I'm constantly changing all the time, Ha, but when I'm in my clown form, I'm absolutly fashionable!

Freaky Flaw: my nickname says it all. I get it I'm creepy, just because I like to get inside your head and...SCARE YOUR PANTS OFF HA HA HA!

Favorite Color: red

Favorite Food: my true form doesn't require food, but I do like cherry pie.


Pet: my rat, Sarrie.

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