Jenny Wishes
Monster High Student
Jenny Wishes Basic Outfit
Age 15 in genie years
Monster Parent Genies
Killer Style I like to dress in different shades of colors. Usually blues.
Freaky Flaw Sometimes my hair turns blue when I grant wishes and I don't know why.
Pet Jewl, my persian cat. She's really friendly loves to cuddle.
Favorite Activity Acting, I'll be an amazing actress someday.
Biggest Pet Peeve It can get pretty anoying having every single monster use their third wish for more wishes.
Fav School Subject Drama
Least Fav Subject Geometry, it's supper hard. Plus, when am I going to use pie besides eating it.
Favorite Color Turquiose
Favorite Food Deep wish pizza with extra cheese.
BFFs Maddie Touch, Frankie Stein, and Tiffany Tiger


Jenny is very determined and will never leave anything unfinshed. She dreams of becoming an actress and is full of confidence. Sometimes she can be a little over dramatic if things go wrong. Jenny is also full of energy and will do anything to follow her dreams and help her friends. She's a bit talkative and sometimes has to remind herself to stop and breath. Jenny is very determined in everything she does especially in being a good friend.

Physical Description

Light purple skin and dark blue eyes. She has medium dark purple hair that she usually wears in a ponytail.



Jenny is the only child of two genie parents.


Her best friend is Maddie Touch. However, she is also really close with Frankie Stein and Tiffany Tiger.


She is currently looking for that special someone.


Jenny's DOTD Outfit

Jenny's DOTD Outfit

Jenny's Gloom Beach Outfit

Jenny Wishes Gloom Beach Outfit

Dead Tired Jenny Wishes

Dead Tired Jenny Wishes

School's Out Jenny

School's Out Jenny