Physical Description

My normie side has yellow hair pale skin blue eyes. My mutant side has lack hair green,gooey green eyes.

Monster Parents

My normie parents are Lou Liu and Flo Liu. My monster parents are Goo Goo and Jell-o Goo. Goo and Jell-o are mutants.


Family: Jenny and Jelly's dad is dead. Friends: Friends with Clawdeen Wolf, Grace Reaper, Aqua Bubble and Jell-o's Romance: In love with Draculogan.


Basic:My blue/green dress with my UGG boots. Dawn of the dance: Yellow/Green shirt with Blue/Turquiese pants and blac and white platform heels. Gloom Beach: White/Green Bikini with stars. Dead Tired: Red/Green sleeping gown with dots School Spirit: Swim team uniform Schools Out: Purple Dress with sandals and earing.


Even thougth she's in the swim team, She is not friends with Lagoona.