Jenette Vondergeist is the daughter of the Ghost and the sister of Spectra Vondergeist.


Jenette is very sweet and kind but is no push over.She likes to dance,and sing,and wishes to join fearleading with Kristen.Jenette also has a raher short temper.She can get over excited about small things like her favorite food in the Creepateria.But over all Jenette is pretty nice.

Phyical Apperence

Jenette has long blonde hair,light blue eyes,and white skin.Jenette Originally had a more casual apperence with short hair,but has now gotten a more sweet look with longer hair.



Kristen DeNile and Christina Where are her Best Friends for life.She is also friends with most other people at MH.


Her Sister is Spectra and her parents are the ghosts



Jenette's First Kiss

Jenette is dateing and in love with Theodor Thing


She can't stand April Headless .


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