Jaque Eventreur


1999(Actually 121)

Monster Parent

Jack The Ripper (Vampiric Speculation)

Killer Style

I like to keep it simple, usually the Victorian clothes I collected from my father when i was just a boy. And i never leave the house without my 500 SPF sunscreen.

Freaky Flaw

I have a habit of chewing on things, pens, pencils, my iCoffin case.


Daimian is my pet Jackal. He's quite the thin animal even though he eats like a pig!

Favorite Activity

I enjoy writing mostly, though i'm not to fond of sharing my works.

Pet Peeve

Draculaura's constant talking and hyperactivity. That girl just won't quit.

Favorite School subject

Mathematics, Science, History, Language Arts. You could say everything really.

Least Fav Subject

Physical Education. This is usually when i end up picking fights, not to mention the teacher is a real ass.

Favorite colour

Browns, cream, and sky blue. I couldn't pick just one.


Jaque Eventreur is a quite and very secretive young man, but when he gets close to someone, boy can he yammer! And a head full of chaos and brilliance. However, a habit of getting into fights with large amounts of blood get him into trouble, but despite his flaws he is a huge sweet heart and has a soft spot for small animals. He's rather tall compared to most of the boys his age, his smarts and quiet manner keep him out of the spotlight. Jaque is usually seen in the library or sitting in the back of a class room far after the lesson is over.


"Jaque Eventreur" is litteraly just Jack with a french twist and Ripper in french. His age is around the time when the white chapel murders stopped which was about 1891 making him 121, But to be accurate according to the monster high view on age he's probably 1999. And what I've read and heard from friends and such, there were speculations of Jack The Ripper being a 'nonhuman' or beast per say, most of which point to Vampirism, which is why Jaque can ingest Blood without becoming ill (are vampires too over used? whatever). His clothing is also very based on the Victorian era, he's tends to keep it casual as possible but while still looking fancy.



He really doesn't have any family, his mother is unknown, but father a well known "identity". Jaque never really knew either of them, so now he lives with adoptive normie parents which he doesn't talk to much, but gladly teases his younger brother and his annoying friends.

Jaques house

The house Jaque lives in with his parents and younger brother.


Jaque isn't exactly the "Social Butterfly" but likes the thought of having friends, even though he hasn't really made any other than Heidi. usually when first trying to talk to people he tends to be overly cautious and nervous.


Daimian the Jackal, but loves to play and wrestle around with Jaque. Usually just eats normal dog food and loves to cuddle.


  • Jaque collects different surgical tools from the older eras, but has a few things from today.
  • Is in a serious Relationship with Heidi Elafion
  • He's also a fan of Steampunk, and tends to bug Robecca a lot because of this.
  • Can't stand being around Draculara, he finds her too hyper active and 'not much of a vampire' because of her inability to drink blood. Usually gets a migraine after talking to her.