"Eat your vegetables everyone, or I'LL STOMPY STOMPY STOMP ALL OVER YA!" Janinie being herself.

Janinie Giantiee (pronounced JAH-NEE-NEE JEE-ON-TEE-AY) is the daughter of the Jolly Green Giant, and an intended parody OC. She was made by Thenaturals and will appear in Monster High: Blame it on the Ghouls.


Janinie Giantiee is really, really, really annoying. She is a creepy but sweet girl who forces people to eat vegetables, whether it be in class or outside. She is pretty weird in her way, pulling off the oddest faces and being even more crazy than Breanna Beetlejuice. However, in certain cases she can be a really nice ghoul, and you could actually have a pretty decent conversation with her. Janinie is easy to control and manipulate, as she is practically as dumb as a lamppost, though she is pretty stupid so things will be most likely miscommunicated anyway, so don't bother.

Origin of Species

Janinie is the daughter of the Jolly Green Giant from the Green Giant sweetcorn cans. Strictly, he isn't a monster - but Janinie IS a parody OC, so I sort of intended this. The giant has his own statue in Minnesota, and he appears in the ads for the sweetcorn. Janinie follows suit by being really tall and having a fondness for vegetables.



Janinie's family is not mentioned.


She doesn't have any friends. I know, boo hoo. But Kressida Kraine has got Janinie on a leash, and can control her as easy as that.


She has a pet male sentinent carrot toy named Princess Carrot.


Did I mention, she's in love with Princess Carrot.


Lori 'Nerds' Wonka does not like Janinie, as she finds her scary and annoying. However, everyone is pretty much irritated with Janinie.



Janinie wears a straw hat with a pink ribbon on top of her head, and a black mini-jacket that is pleated on the edges. She wears a short green bikini-crop top and a pair of orange shorts, as well as dark green gloves and lime green flip flops. Her hair is cut short and wavy.


  • "The square root of one-hundred and sixty nine is broccoli."
  • "Come on, sweet cakes! Have a muffin..." (she's basically saying this like she's the evil witch from Snow White)
  • "Lalalala-la! Broccoli trees are rising in...3! 2! 1! Blast Off!"
  • "Heeeeeeres JANINIE!" (obviously a parody of The Shining)


  • Janinie is my first parody OC.
  • The square root of 169 is actually 13 and not broccoli.