James is Sally Boo-Shriek's pet ghost Hamster.


  • Parents: Da hammys
  • Age: Um, let's see, I wuz alive for 2 years and dead for a year, so dat's 5 years...I fink....
  • Killer Style: Uh, I'm small, I'm fluffy, I'm silvur and I'm adorabul.... Dat's pretty much it....
  • Owner: Sal Bo-Shrayk. She's cute, she can comunikate wif me, and she's prety awsum.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Snakeys. Dey're realy scary and tried to eated me, aldough I'm not dat scared ov snakey head [Deuce] anymor.
  • Favorite Food: Seeds and hammy bits, but mostly seeds.
  • BFFs: Purseus and Ruen.

About James

Although not entirely bright, James is clever when it comes to sneaking around. He is a Winter-White Dwarf hamster, hence the gray line of fur on his back. He was bought in New York and died the summer before the main storyline of Monster High. He is Sally's faithful companion who tries to follow her everywhere he can, even if he has to hide in her backpack.

Physical Appearance

James is white with a gray stripe of fur down his back. He has large beady black eyes and a pink tail, although sometimes the pink is not visible due to him being a ghost.


  • Most animation of James in Monster High and the Fab-BOO-lous Adventure is edited from The Glitterati.
  • Many features of James may have been inspired by Zero, the ghost dog in The Nightmare Before Christmas, although creator MadieB1999 claims he is named after her own gerbil, Jamie. However, at the end of Fab-BOO-lous part 1, a picture appears of a real hamster with the words, "In memory of Jamie", proving this theory.
  • James cannot spell words correctly so that readers can visualize his "dialect"
  • A special "Lost Chapter" in Fab-BOO-lous is debuted to James' perspection on the story.
  • James is voiced by the same actor as his owner

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