Jade Shadows is a manipulative vampire whose the worst enemy of Roaxie Pixlen. Jade, like any mean ghoul, has a clique that only consists of vampires. She is dating Fangarret Blood, but she constantly cheats on him. Even though she has a history of being you worst nightmare, it was descovered in The Secrets Out Jade that she has a soft spot for Fangarret Blood. Here is her bio.

Name: Jade Shadows, don't wear it out.

Age: 1700, that's right I'm a sophtmore.

Monster Parents: vampires, but they're richer than Dracula.

Killer Style: I only wear the softest and finest fabrics in the whole world. I also only wear long dresses like my mom.

Freaky Flaw: EXCUSE ME! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY FLAW! I'd ask for a mirror, but I can't see my reflection, and besides, only the lame monsters think I'm mean.

Favorite Color: emrald green

Favorite Food: I usually eat only high class foods, but I must say, lime popsicles are quite delicious. Of course only the best ones.

Pet: my increadoubly rare glimmering emrald snake. You can only find them in the Amazon Rainforest, of course the haunted part of it.

Favorite Activity: showing monsters who is boss.

Pet Peeve: only one monsters can make me that angry, like Roaxie Pixlen.

BFF's: Toreli, but she's more like my bounty hunter.

Favorite Subject: Drama, my creature says I bring it to everyone.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym, Roaxie may be a goody goody, but she is really tough.