-Jade watching Mufasa's Death.

Jade Phantasm is the daughter of the Banshee. She has a derped lemur named Mongo, loves chocolate and doughnuts.


Jade is usually pretty lazy.. Often sarcastic but very friendly and loyal to her friends. Also she's not the ghoul who should carry glass or porcelain things - she is so clumsy!

Enjoys having fights with her enemies even if this does mean broken nails.

Physical Description:

Jade has pale blue skin. Her hair is blue with highlights, long and usually tied into a side ponytail. Her most - Moonscream for example hates all things with equal passion. Also, her hair goes all the way down to her back.



Jade lives with her mother and younger sister - Jenna in a small family house at the city suburbs. Jenna often has pointless arguments with Jades. But still the love each other. Their mother left her husband before Jade was born.


Jade is best friends with Ripper Grimm, Kalligeneia and Phant Thomas.


Jade with Mongo


Jade's pet is a derped lemur named Mongo. He has a glowing blue and purple fur and black scleraeyes with yellow pupils. Often floats around Jade connected to one of her chains.


Currently single.


Roller Derby:

Jade is #13 in Monster High Roller Derby team leaded by Ripper Grimm.


Jade is a co-founder (along with Kalligeneia) of Monster High cosplay group related to X-Men. The group will come to life on the 12th of December, 2011.