"Oh, I see, so girls can be called Frankie, Stevie, Bobbi, and Alex, and I can't have my name to be Jade? Is that what you're telling me, Miss de Nile?"

- Jade to Cleo on his name

Jade Le Fright is the son of Dracula, and is a boy, despite his name. He has become great friends with the rest of the kids in the Monsters101 series, and is dedicated to his dream of being a famous monster movie star.


Jade is an aspiring movie star, and will not let his name get him down. He has convinced himself that he will become famous and will not let anything get in the way of his lifelong dream. Jade is always looking to be the head of commitees that intrest him, and his acting dream has allowed him to become very dramatic over the years. Jade can also be very forceful and demanding. Jade can easily weasel his way out of work with his acting talent, which his friends can be jealous of but do not rat him out. Jade has been shown to dislike Cleo, as she makes fun of his name. Jade can also get very upset after constant provoking.


Classic Monster

Jade is the son of Dracula. He wears black, just like regular vampires but a more modern style. Jade knows Draculaura and has been to her house and quotes "It was ridiculous there! The only red stuff was tomato juice! Ridiculous!"


  • Jade's name happens to be Jade because of his creator who was a boy entered his real name into the "Student ID Generator" and it turned out to Jade Le Fright.

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