Jacky Cards
I am a working student. I am working at I the circus at day and goes to school at night

Monter Parent

Evil Clowns

Killer Style

I always wear clothes with different color .Oftenly I use the primary colors:Red,Blue and Yellow. Uhmmmmm I also use the four symbols in the playing cards

Freaky Flaw

Kids love me !! Except for those who have Coulrophobia (they are the person who are scared to me ).


I have a Unicorn.Her name is Rapunzel,her hair is very long. I own her since I was 5 years . Her hair is very long! Oh no! No ! It was very very very long

Favorite Activity

I like joggling and playing with hula hoops .

Biggest Pet Peeve

The moment I wake up , I need to put on my make up.My father said it is our tradition.

Fav School Subject

Uhmmmm...... Mad Science . I often calculate scientifically when I joggle large amount of balls .

Least Fav Subject

Swimming,It always remove my make up , AND I HATE IT !!!

Favorite Color

Rainbow ?

Favorite Food

Popcorn !! This is our National Food in the Circus.

Jacky is the daughter in evil clowns.She is very friendly and love to hang out with her friends . She is a working student because her father is already retired , well she is a very glamourous and very fashionable .By the way , if you are looking fore her she is oftenly there at the Circus .

Monster Parent


Jacky's father

The evil clown are playfuland redered as disturbing through the use of horror elements and dark humor Evil Clowns.They are oftenly used in movies especially to Psycho-Horror Movies.They are very energetic clowns ,somewhat like insane people with make up . The most popular evil clown is The Joker in Batman . They are murderously insane.Some are thought to be hypnotizing kids on their television show.Many evil clowns are serial killers


She has a sister and also her rival named Ace Hearts. TThey are only half sisters. They don't have same mother and that makes them more angry to each other.

She loves her pet more than anything.By the way Rainbow can change his color any time. Sometimes he acts like a chameleon. Rainbow is like the sidekick of Jacky. They trick people together. Rainbow loves to play with the pet of Operetta, Daddy O' Legs. She is Friends with Operetta because they often work together in performances.As I said, she is very fashionable. She joined America's Next Top Monster Cycle 16. She used the screen name Jacky Poole.( You can search that she really did join and has a picture like this in her portfolio ) She ranked 6th place( 5th runner up ). But still she never give up. After ANTM, she worked again as a clown and a model. She also continued her studies and now she's on Monster High. She is a Junior.


  • Ace Hearts - Sister of Jacky
  • Jacky in America's Next Top Monster
  • The Joker - Jacky's father
  • Jacky at gloom beach
  • Rainbow - Jacky's Pet
  • Casual Jacky