Jackie frost Friends: Family

Abby, Frankie,Hanna Hyde,and my bf

                                                         Aunt:ice qween 
                                                        Uncle: heat miser

parent: jack frost.

                                                         Brother: Jason 14

Age:16. Cousins:Polaris,Electra all 16

Killer style: ok what Jackson wears But pale yellow

Freaky flaw:holt Hyde,julla jekyll, ,extreme heat,full moons all an annoyance

Favorite color:pale yellow and ice blue

Pet:a snake named sssiisstleand a arctic fox named snowy

Favorite food:super cheesy Mac in cheese

Favorite activity: ok ice skateing,snow bording ,casketball and video games

Fav school subject:mad science

Least Fav school subject:swimming

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