Jackie Skellington
Monster High Student
Age 16
Monster Parent Jack Skellington and Sally
Killer Style I like outfits that hold some resemblence to my father's suit.
Freaky Flaw I'm mainly flawed in my personality-I'm obsessive.
Pet Zena is my pet ghost cat. She gets along well with Zero. The skeletal reindeer my dad have are cool too.
Favorite Activity Sewing (My mom taught it to me when I was a little ghoul. ) and singing.
Biggest Pet Peeve Lock, and Barrel. Long story referencing my 10th birthday.
Fav School Subject Well, leadership classes are pretty cool.
Least Fav Subject Physical deaducation. In dodgeskull, my head is typically the target.
Favorite Color Black and silver.
Favorite Food My mothers soup! Yummo!
BFFs Shock. She's the only tolerable person of the Boogie boys.
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Jackie Skellington is the first born child of Jack Skellington and Sally from Nighmare before Christmas. She was created by TheKoolKlub.


Jackie's personality comes from mainly her father. She is calm, suave, and graceful. She has been known to obsess over things, leading to her logic being occasionally questionable. Her temper is always contained and she looks out for everyone's interests.The only time she would ever lose control of her emotions is when someone she is close to is in danger.

There is a dash of her mother in her personality, too. Evidence is her love of sewing and her cunning.

Physical Description

Jackie's physical appearance is almost exactly that of her father but feminine. She has large, black eye sockets, long legs, and bones for hands. She has her mother's lips and hair, though.

Classic Monster

She comes from a mixed background. Her looks come mainly from her father, Jack Skellington (pictured above), such as her long limbs and skeletal features. Jack was the protagonist of the 1993 film, Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas. He is known as the "Pumpkin King" and head of Halloween town. Her mother, Sally (below) , is a living rag doll and had a crush on Jack for the majority of the film. It is hinted on the official soundtrack that she and Jack get married.




Her only known family is her father and mother. She is extremely close to Jack and used to follow him every where as a child. She did learn somethings from her mother, though, such as sewing and cooking. They both taught her how to sing.


It is mentioned in her profile that she is a friend of Shock the "only tolerable one of the Boogie boys."


None so far. She is the object of many affections though.



Jackie wears skinny jeans and a black tee shirt with silver pinstripes.


Memorable Quote

"What the heck! I am the Pumpkin King! Ha Ha Ha!"

"No, Jackie that's you're father. Anyways, Kings are boys!" sigh "I wish my friends weren't so dumb"

"I thought it was 'cohorts'?"

"Shut UP!"

-Jackie talking to Shock


  • The reason she is a good singer is because Nightmare was a musical, and both Jack and Sally had singing roles.
  • She is one of TheKoolKlubs favorite OCs

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