Isis de Nile is the younger sister of Cleo and Nefera de Nile.


Isis is one of the boys but yet she still loves to look fashionable. She is a loud, bubbly person and because she is most Ghouls don't like her unless they know her. She tries her best to get others to know her but they don't really want to.

Physical Description

Isis has light brown hair with black, gold and purple highlights, light blue eyes and tanned skin. She wears a halter-neck minidress with faded yellow and purple bandages wrapped around her legs like tights. Her left arm is always full of gold jewellery. She loves spending time sorting out her gold jewellery and then flaunting it. Under her left eye she has a purple crystal birthmark=



Isis has two older siblings Cleo and Nefera who always fight with each other but her relationships to both are as good as siblings can get. She lives with her whole family together except for her mother who died a long time ago. She misses her mother very much, but her father takes on her role, so overall it feels as if she is always there.


Isis has two best friends Spectra Vondergiest and Holt Hyde. As Spectra is one of the most gossipiest people around, she feels she can’t tell her any of her secrets, not that she has many. She feels she also cannot tell Holt because they are quite personal to tell a boy. She would not change her friends for all the gold in the world. She just wishes sh

Isis Basic Outfit

e can tell someone.


Isis has never had a boyfriend but she certainly cannot say no one likes her, it is just she does not want them especially one person, a normie as far as she is concerned Jackson Jekyll. She does not realise he is Holt Hyde. He keeps asking her out whenever there is a school event where you can have dates. They sorta started to date but she broke it off after finding out he was Holt as well. Since he was her first boyfriend, she was quite heart broken but is 'Single and ready to Mingle' as she puts it.


Isis has one enemy Zeus Aphrodite, ever since they were little when he bullied her because she had braces when she was little, which is why she has perfectly straight teeth now.