Irene Pantopes is the daughter of Argus Pantopes , the gurdian of heifer-nymph lo and son of Arestor in Greek mythology.


Irene is a very quiet and calm ghoul; and normally keeps to herself. She only really talks to Felicia Tailian , her best friend, and hardly socialises with anyone else.

Physical Description

Being the daughter of Argus Pantopes, Irene has 100 eyes covering her body. She has a slightly tanned skin color and dark nutmeg hair. She is 5'10" tall and has size 6 feet.



Her only family that she knows of is her father, as her mother left when she was still a child. Since then, her mother has never contacted or met Irene.


Irene's best (and most trustworthy) friend is Felicia Tailian. The two met in highschool and immediately clicked. Even now, Felicia will stand up for Irene.


Irene isn't currenty looking for anyone


Irene currently works as a physlogical author and sells her books to local bookstores. She is also considering going to university with Felicia and study Philosophy.

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